Sleepy Driver Literally Heads For The Nearest Bed By Crashing Into A Mattress Store

It makes sense, if you’re driving along at night and feeling heavy-headed, to head for the nearest bed and just crash. But one sleepy driver took that idea to the literal extreme and drove her truck into a Dallas mattress store last night. Plenty of beds there, but not the best way to catch 40 winks.

Just as sleepwalkers often end up standing in front of their childhood home or gnoshing on a carrot with the fridge door open after dreaming about vegetables, police say the woman found her way toward a potentially soft landing in the midst of her sleepiness.

She’d just gotten off a 13-hour shift, reports CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, when she fell asleep at the wheel and her new truck into the store. Firefighters pulled her out of the vehicle, which had ended up in the middle of the store.

Luckily the woman wasn’t hurt (and we’re sure no mattresses suffered much) — which might not have been the case had she collided with say, a store selling crystal chandeliers.

Sleepy Driver Crashes Into Dallas Mattress Store [CBS Dallas-Fort Worth]

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