Is No No The Perfect Hair Removal Device? Nope

nonopinkIf, like me, you watch too much late-night TV, you’ve probably given some idle thought to ordering the No No, a handheld hair-zapping device sold in direct-response ads. This product promises to painlessly remove and lighten your body hair. The ads leave out two key facts: the No No costs almost $300 and doesn’t work all that well.

At least that’s what our smooth and supple colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports tell us. They bought a batch of the device and sent female employees home to zap one leg and shave the other for six weeks. Their verdict: If you enjoy stubble and the smell of burning hair, this product may be for you.

Treated areas of the testers’ bodies were never hair-free, and the word “prickly” came up a lot. The electrified hair-zapping wire wasn’t painful, but there was that burning hair smell.

Also, as we’ve discussed regarding products as varied as computers and lawn mowers, buying from certain vendors can void your warranty. You can buy the No No on Amazon. We’re not sure why you would after seeing the 327 reviews with an average of two out of five stars, but maybe you’re a rebel. However, the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover devices bought from Amazon: only those bought directly from the company, from HSN, or from get to keep their warranties.

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