Faking Seizures To Get Out Of Paying The Tab Makes Man Unpopular At Local Restaurants

(Cpt. Brick)

This is not an artist’s rendering of the suspect. It’s just Batman and Princess Leia on a date. (Cpt. Brick)

First of all: I am not a medical professional and cannot say whether or not a Baltimore man is actually faking seizures. But local restaurants are irked at the fellow, saying he’s been pretending to have seizures and going limp so he doesn’t have to pay for his meals.

Police seem to agree with the eateries and arrested the man earlier this week after one restaurant’s owners said he refused to pay a $50 bill. The night before, he allegedly went limp (literally and figuratively) when it came time to pay a $90 tab at a swanky restaurant, reports The Baltimore Sun.

This is something he does on the regular, it appears: “The paramedics showed up and said, ‘Looks like our guy’s back,'” said a chef at one of the restaurants. “He would not wake up, and they were like, ‘Come on [guy], stop faking.'”

He’s had 90 arrests on his personal record in recent years, and police say this isn’t the first time he’s pulled this ploy.

“[The suspect’s] seizure occurred when he was confronted about his unpaid bill as he exited the restaurant,” another officer wrote of a January incident, adding that he is “well known to local restaurants and members of the Baltimore Police Department.”

He was sentenced to a year in jail for that $160 tab, but was out by July, and reportedly continued his dining and dashing (or passing out, really) ways.

“He was just watching the football game, eating food, and when it came time to pay, he didn’t have any money,” said the manager of a restaurant where another incident occurred on Sunday night that didn’t end with medical personnel showing up. “It’s a horrible thing for someone to be doing, but for him it’s a pretty good situation — get a free meal, get locked up, get a free meal. Just a running circle.”

Man who fakes seizures to get out of dinner tab is at it again, police say [Baltimore Sun]

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