Burger King Customer Complains About Sandwich, Employee Threatens Him With Box Cutter

While it’s been a while since any of us have worked in fast food, we’re pretty sure that “Threaten him with box cutter” is not among Burger King’s suggested methods for dealing with a dissatisfied (dissatisfried?) customer.

FOX 4 in Kansas City reports that a customer tried to complain about his cold chicken sandwich at a local Burger King on Saturday night, but rather than get a replacement sandwich or his money back, he says he was attacked by an employee.

“It was crazy, just over a sandwich — a cold, Burger King sandwich,” says the customer, who had purchased his food at the drive-thru and then realized it was cold after eating some of the sandwich.

The fact that the customer was trying to return a sandwich that had been partially eaten (something many of us have done at some point) apparently didn’t go over well with one employee.

“He said F— this and F— that, and he came around the corner with a knife and said that he was going to attack me,” the customer tells FOX 4. “If it wasn’t for the employees coming out and standing in front of him and blocking us, he could’ve cut me with the knife over a sandwich.”

Making matters worse, the customer says that when he later tried to file a complaint with the manager, “the guy is still working, making other people’s food.”

The alleged attack is being investigated by local police, and a rep for BK confirmed that some sort of incident occurred at the eatery on Saturday. The rep also contacted the customer, who wasn’t terribly impressed with the apology he received.

Recalls the customer, “He was like, ‘I don’t know how to put it, I don’t know the words, I don’t know what to say’ and I was like, ‘Well, I’ve never been to a restaurant that I had to worry about getting attacked by an employee with a knife.’”

We can only imagine how the employee would have responded if a customer tried to return this bacteria-fest of a chicken sandwich.

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