95-Year-Old Target Worker Retires After Working For The Company Since 1968

There’s dedication to your job, and then there’s spending 45 years working for the same company when many people would’ve spent that time enjoying the retirement years. A 95-year-old woman who started working as a cashier at a Target in Minnesota has finally retired on the exact same calendar date that she first began her employment, October 28.

She’s been at the same location since 1973, which is where she moved five years into her employment with the company, reports WCCO News. It’s not going to be easy for her to leave her working years behind, either.

“I’ll miss the public,” she explained. “I’m a people person.”

As for why she kept at it — doing jobs from sales to samples — it sounds like she actually enjoyed her time with the company. Nice work, if you can get it.

“If you don’t use it you lose it, so I have kept on using it and have enjoyed every minute of it,” she explained.

The Super Target she spent so much time at hosted a party for her yesterday to say good-bye, but she says she’ll still shop at the store even when she’s off the clock.

“It’s enriched my life,” she said. “I’m welcome here and that means everything.”

Warm fuzzies — I have them. All of them.

After 45 Years, Bloomington Woman Retiring From Target [CBS Minnesota/WCCO News]

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