Your Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich Should Not Be Served Medium Rare



A frequent knock against fast food chicken is that it’s dry and overcooked. But a leathery slab of chicken would be preferable to this pink-in-the-middle sandwich some unlucky Wendy’s customer bit into.

The customer posted the above image to Reddit yesterday, politely describing the chicken as a “little too fresh.”

How does this happen? One likely answer comes from another Reddit reader who explains that when people use the regular french fry deep-fryer to cook chicken, they sometimes forget to press the appropriate button, thus resulting in undercooked chicken. Another suggests that the chicken was pulled out of the fryer when the “shake basket” alarm went off, meaning it did not go back into the oil to continue cooking.

Whatever the case, it’s put me off chicken sandwiches for at least the next couple hours.

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