Comcast Tech Saves Two Lives In Same Week



It’s no secret that most Consumerist stories about Comcast service techs are not positive, but there are still plenty of good, hardworking folks toiling away for Kabletown and its affiliated contractors (kontractors?). Take, for example, the California tech who recently stepped up to save the lives of two separate individuals in the span of a single week.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel has the full story of the 53-year-old Comcast tech who is getting high-fives from the powers that be (and presumably from most people who hear about what he did) after he first helped a diabetic customer whose blood sugar levels had plummeted, then helping a woman whose car had driven off a cliff.

The first incident began when the tech was en route to the customer’s house. He called ahead to get directions. That’s when he noticed the customer was having trouble speaking.

The speech and articulation issues only got worse when the tech arrived at the customer’s house. Concerned for the man’s health, the tech spoke to a neighbor who let the tech know that the customer has diabetes. He and the neighbor contacted 9-1-1 and provided him with some juice to try to bring his blood sugar levels back up while waiting for help.

“The first thing he said was ‘You saved me,'” recalls the tech. “I still get emotional about it.”

Then a week later, he was once again on his way to a job when he saw an oncoming car drive off the side of a steep, winding road.

“Right in front of my eyes, I see the car go off the cliff,” he tells the Sentinel. “I thought, that car is gone.”

Knowing that he was in a cellphone dead zone, he flagged down a man on a motorcycle and asked him to drive up to the top of the hill to call 9-1-1. Meanwhile, he ventured down the 150-foot hill to see if he could help the driver of the crashed car.

Luckily, the driver’s airbag had deployed and the woman was semi-conscious when he reached her. While waiting for police and firefighters to arrive, he provided her with water and some hand wipes.

Highway Patrol officials say that crashes in that area can sometimes go unnoticed for hours, so it was a good thing that the Comcast tech was on hand to help the driver and alert authorities.

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