EPA Finds Soup Can From 1997 In Fridge (Which Means No One Stole Guy’s Lunch 16 Years Ago)

No one likes cleaning the refrigerator — all those weird coagulations of gunk and crusty debris at the bottom of a seemingly bottomless chasm in between drawers are enough to put off even the most stalwart cleaners. The Environmental Protection Agency is back to work cleaning up the world, but even it has realized it’s been avoiding a nearer cleaning task after finding a 16-year-old can of soup in a fridge at its D.C. headquarters.

The can from 1997 is hard evidence that no one stole that one guy’s lunch 16 years ago, but it’s also prompted the agency to remind workers that cleaning is everyone’s job, reports the Washington Post.

In an email welcoming employees back after the government shutdown, chief Gina McCarthy shared information about back pay and what had happened in the 16 days when most workers were furloughed.

Apparently it was tough for those who had to stay in the building, as they were tasked with clearing the office fridges.

“During the shutdown, we made every effort to water accessible plants. And of necessity, the refrigerators were emptied of all perishable foodstuffs last week. The oldest food found? A can of Campbell’s soup dated 1997! So, please remember it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the refrigerators clean.”

There are so many questions we have, namely — who thinks it’s necessary to put a can of soup in the refrigerator? And did anyone open it up and eat it?

We know you hate doing it, but let’s take this opportunity to suggest you clean your refrigerator. Better now than in 2029.

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