Subway Falafel Sandwich Points Toward Future Of Dry Vegetarian Food On Every Corner

Hey there chickpeaIn the fast food universe, a “vegetarian” entrée is often just one of the chain’s regular entrées without meat in it. Well, no more: maybe chains are finally getting the message that tasty meatless meals can be more than just regular meals with the meat taken out.

The “grilled cheese” at Five Guys, though tasty, is a cheeseburger with no burger. A veggie sandwich at Subway is a roll stuffed with veggies, sauce, and maybe some cheese. Right now, though, in areas around Washington, D.C., the chain is running a test of falafel subs.

Falafel? Subs? Subway has already tested falafel subs in Canada and in Chicago. The fried balls of chickpea deliciousness are one meatless food that everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, early reports are that the sandwiches aren’t very enjoyable. No one expects an authentic or fresh falafel experience from Subway, but the Washington Post’s Lavanya Ramanathan’s experience was not very delicious.

I customized the falafel with spinach, olives and all the other Subway toppings, but after a quick zap in the oven, the trio of patties in the sandwich were bone dry.

Ramanathan goes on to recommend five restaurants in the area that serve much better falafel sandwiches, but that doesn’t help the rest of us who don’t live in large cities but who do have a Subway in every strip mall.

The falafel itself is vegan, though all of Subway’s breads and sauces aren’t: if you don’t consume any animal products, do some research before heading to your nearest Subway, which is probably next door to wherever you are right now.

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