LAX Baggage Handler Arrested Over Dry Ice Bombs At Airport



Yesterday authorities said they believed a worker at Los Angeles International Airport could be behind the two dry ice bombs at the airport, though only one exploded. Police have now arrested a 28-year-old employee for a ground handling company at LAX and booked him last night for possession of a destructive device near an aircraft.

The man is currently being held on $1 million bail reports the Associated Press, after officials say he took the dry ice from a plane on Sunday night and put it in an employee restroom. He allegedly also put another device on a tarmac outside the international terminal.

Police have said they don’t think the bombs were an act of terror because people weren’t targeted and because of where the devices were found. No one was injured in the two incidents. The theory of a disgruntled employee was floated yesterday by the Los Angeles Police Department.

There’s still no known motive, but officials told the AP that the man charged was riding in a van with others including a supervisor when he decided to plant one of the bombs. The people in the van knew about the dry ice, said an official, but no one else has been arrested.

L.A. airport employee arrested in dry ice blasts [Associated Press]

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