Dry Ice Bomb Explodes, Others Found Inside L.A. Airport

UPDATE: Police now say that only one of the bombs found — the one found in the bathroom on Sunday night — actually exploded. No suspects have been named, but authorities reportedly believe this may be the act of a disgruntled employee.

What in the world is going on at Los Angeles International? After two dry ice bombs exploded inside of restricted areas at LAX on Sunday and Monday, police say two additional devices have been found.

The first bomb went off around 7 p.m. PT on Sunday inside of a restroom in Terminal 2. There was no damage done by the exploded 20-ounce plastic bottle and no one was injured.

Then another device exploded a little more than 24 hours later at 8:30 p.m. PT on Monday. This bomb explosion occurred in an employees-only area near the gate of the Tom Bradley International Terminal. [See update above for clarification on the number of explosions]

Then another pair of bottle bombs were discovered. The investigation is ongoing, with the L.A. Times reporting that the FBI can’t even say right now whether the bomber(s) would face state or federal charges if caught.

In spite of the numerous police cars on the scene, airport police claim there was “minimal impact to airport operations.”

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