Eric André Dresses Up As Drunk Ronald McDonald; Cartoon Network Ad Team Blocks It From Airing

Thinking back on all of the bizarre things that have aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim shows over the years, it’s hard to imagine what it would take for a segment to be so offensive or strange that it wouldn’t be allowed to air. But comedian Eric André says one rather innocuous McDonald’s prank just wouldn’t fly with the channel’s ad sales team.

The segment, which was finally shown on Conan last night, features André looking rough as a badger’s rear-end in a Ronald McDonald costume, walking into a McDonald’s and declaring that he’s the boss, randomly hiring and firing employees, then drunkenly weeping into his food while sipping from a flask and repeatedly shouting, “I’m a failure!”

“The legal department was actually cool with it,” André told Conan about the prank. “But the ad sales department was like, ‘Dude, we’re Cartoon Network. We put toys in Happy Meals… this isn’t happening.'”

[via Eater]

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