Now That There’s Wine For Cats You Really Won’t Have To Drink Alone

Drink up, Mrs. Whiskerbottoms.

Drink up, Mrs. Whiskerbottoms.

We come to you bearing great news, feline lovers: Not only is there now a wine for cat — providing you with a cuddly drinking buddy at your beck and call! — but it’s also called Nyan Nyan Nouveau so we can only hope that the Great Nyan Cat himself will come shooting out of the bottle in a blaze of rainbow toaster pastry glory.

Kotaku completed the handy task of translating the news from Japanese for those of us (both cats and people, obviously) who don’t know the language but can definitely pick up what they’re putting down over there.

“Nyan” itself can be used to indicate a meow sound, which is the noise your cat will make when you ask him if he’d like to join you for a tipple.  In that case, meow means yes, yes I would like to be your validation that you are not, in fact, drinking alone, kind owner/friend.

Mr. Fluffer McButterFace won’t be actually getting sloshed if you’re worried about his safety — the bottled beverage has no actual alcohol in it. It’s made of juice from Cabernet grapes, Vitamin C and of course, catnip — because anyone who has ever seen a cat on catnip knows that it looks like a helluva good time for a cat.

There are only a thousand bottles out there, however, so better start stocking your feline’s wine cellar, stat.

As one reader points out though — grapes might not necessarily be okay for your pet to ingest so make sure to check with your vet first.

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