Get Your 8-Year-Old Garmin GPS For Only $200 At Kmart

The Garmin StreetPilot C330 got slightly above-average reviews from CNET readers when it was first introduced in 2005. If you want to drive around all old-school, you can pick one up on Amazon or eBay for under $50. And if you want to kick it really old-school, you can spend $200 on one at Kmart.


The market has brought us many generations of tinier and more advanced mobile navigation systems since then, but apparently no one at reader Steven’s local Kmart knows that. Who does know that? Steven, one of the proud explorers who form the Raiders of the Lost Walmart.

Maybe it has some collectible value as a brand-new item? Not so fast with that, either: this GPS is a refurbished unit. “At that price it will sit for as long as the K-Mart this was found in is around,” he observed astutely when he posted the picture to the Consumerist Facebook page. How much longer will that be? It could be forever, if Sears and Kmart continue on their current path as an advanced anti-capitalist prank.

Raiders items make us sad for a number of reasons: wasted shelf space, a failure to understand exactly what “clearance” means, and possibly being responsible for some not-so-tech-savvy customers giving their loved one who asked for a GPS as a holiday gift a really, really disappointing gift this year.

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