Perhaps You Need A Monotasking Pretzel Maker

91LfnJGZCEL._SL1500_Modern life poses many problems, but we didn’t think that “it’s too hard to make soft pretzels” was one of them. Following in the footsteps of small countertop appliances that make the baking of cupcakes, dog treats, and tiny pies significantly simpler but also significantly stupider, now you can buy a countertop soft pretzel maker that promises to simplify the process. Why?

Maybe you like soft pretzels, or want to make your own for a special event. If you’re into monotasking appliances, maybe this could work for you, but reviewers on Amazon report some serious flaws. It takes a lot longer than one might think to whip up a batch of pretzels: a few hours, from dough-mixing to final cleanup, especially if you’re only making two pretzels at a time. Multiple reviewers also complained that the pretzel plates’ nonstick coating peeled off too soon. Much too soon: after one use. Another customer complained that while the box brags that the plates are dishwasher-safe, they’re not.

Maybe the simplest way to get a fresh pretzel will always be to just visit a dedicated vendor, and that’s how it always will be.

Nostalgia Electrics SPF200 Soft Pretzel Maker [Amazon]
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