The Drinks Mix Themselves When Liquor Aisle Narrowly Misses Crashing Into Shoppers

The liquor aisle is a place brimming with possibilities — do you want wine or beer? Dark rum or light? There’s so much to choose from! The choices can become even more intimidating when they are all falling toward you in a wave of crashing glass and sloshing liquid.

In a video currently titillating the voyeuristic masses on LiveLeak, two friends appear to be mulling over their potential drink decisions while a store worker goes about the job of stocking the shelves.

At first it’s like, “Why am I watching this, I’m bored and now thirsty” — until the worker stands up, apparently to admire his handiwork. The ladies glance over at his movement and it’s a good thing they do. Otherwise they likely could’ve gotten hit by the sudden booze avalanche bearing down on them like a boozy wall of doom.

As Boss Meg put it when discussing this bit of video awesomness, “Oh my stars.” And also it reminds us of the great Target Shopping Cart Disaster of 2008, but a bit less epic as no carts seemed to be harmed in that instance.

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