Slushie Machine Wonders What It Ever Did To Naked Woman Attacking It At Gas Station

You’re a slushie machine. You sit at home at the convenience store of the gas station, churning out sweet frozen delight and depositing it in customers’ cups. Then along comes an unclothed someone who wants to beat you up — and for what? What did you ever do to deserve such a beat down?

The aggrieved slushie machine in this instance was minding its own chilly business at a Shell station in Massachusetts when police say a woman took off all her clothing in a violent attack on the machine.’s 22News reports that cops had to use a taser and pepper to subdue the 26-year-old suspect while her two children were in the car in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

State Troopers called in police to help them out when they found the woman causing damage to the machine inside the store. According to authorities, she resisted their efforts and took off all her clothes while continuing to fight, kick and yell until she was placed under arrest.

As for any reason why a slushie machine would become the victim of such an outburst, a police representative says her behavior could indicate PCP use, because people under its effects can feel hot and agitated. And slushies are very cold, so maybe that makes sense?

Poor slushie machine. Keep churning, little guy.

Woman took off clothes in slushie machine attack, police say []

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