Police Tag Pink Barbie Jeep Blocking The Driveway As “Abandoned Vehicle”

Listen, you think just because your car is teeny tiny, pink and splashed with a famous name like “Barbie” makes you immune from police attention? Oh no, not even little girls are above the long arm of the law. Utah cops wanted to make sure Barbie and her cohorts didn’t get away with abandoning a vehicle in the street where it was blocking a driveway, and left a ticket on the wee set of wheels.

Before anyone gets up in arms about the injustices served upon a toy car, it should be noted that the entirety of KUTV.com’s report is relayed with tongue firmly in cheek.

As it turns out, a little girl who thought she’d left her Barbie car in the driveway after the distractions of juvenile playtime with pals had somehow parked it in front of a driveway.

An officer out for his nightly patrols saw the car and left it with a bright orange ticket reading “Abandoned Vehicle” and moved it to the driveway, lest it get squashed or otherwise damage by potentially uncaring grownup traffic.

The girls’ father was surprised when he left for work and almost backed over the toy and noticed the ticket. Despite the fact that officers would usually tow an abandoned car (cough, cough, not a real car), the ticket didn’t come with a fine or any real citation, of course.

“These little girls are very lucky. If it was blocking someone’s driveway normally we’d tow it away,” joked a police officer.

Dad is relieved, and not too crabby at his daughters for leaving their belongings in harm’s way.

“Unfortunately I’ve received my share of tickets,” he admits. “This is definitely my favorite ticket I’ve received.”

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