Woman Says Costco Didn’t Apologize For Locking Her Inside Store

While being inside a Costco after hours might seem like an awesome setting for a movie montage — binge eating in the candy/cookie/nut section, trying on every piece of clothing on the tables, offering free samples to yourself, chugging mayonnaise — a California woman was not so thrilled to find herself locked inside her local warehouse store.

The woman was not a shopper at the Costco in El Centro, CA, but works for a vendor with a kiosk inside the store. That explains why she was there long after the store closed at 8:30 on Friday night.

According to the Imperial Valley Press, she says she spoke to a security guard around 11 p.m. that night, but then he shut off the lights and locked her inside.

She eventually pulled the fire alarm, which brought both the local fire department and store management to the building. Ultimately, she spent about two hours locked in the store.

Police say she was “upset that they did not apologize or were sympathetic for what had happened to her.”

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