Wells Fargo Fires Employees For Creating Bogus Accounts In Customers’ Names

Some people will do anything to meet sales and customer satisfaction goals, even if it means falsifying signatures, and opening bogus accounts. Which is why around 30 people in the Los Angeles area are now former Wells Fargo employees.

The L.A. Times confirmed last week that some bank employees in the region were going too far in trying to keep up with the bank’s sales goals. The main infraction involves these employees opening fake accounts in order to give the appearance of having reached a certain level of new customer acquisition.

Sometimes the people whose names were on these accounts knew they were being opened and played along with the charade, while others were unaware that they now had a brand new Wells Fargo bank account.

“We found a breakdown in a small number of our team members,” a Wells rep tells the Times.

But at least one fired employee says there was pressure from managers to meet these goals:

At times, managers required workers to stay in the branch after the close of business, calling their friends and family members, if they failed to open enough accounts during the day, the worker said.

To which the rep responds, “Our team members do have goals. And sometimes they can be blinded by a goal.”

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