Judge Orders Bank Of America To Pay $10K/Month If It Wants To Keep Hassling Couple

Here’s how inept Bank of America is. Not only did the bank ignore the fact that a couple’s mortgage debt had been discharged in bankruptcy, continuing to harass them for a debt they no longer owed, it also ignored messages from the bankruptcy court judge. That is until after the judge imposed a $10,000/month sanction on the bank.

“This is not just a stupid mistake. This is a policy,” wrote the U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge. “And frankly, $10,000.00 a month plus attorney’s fees may not mean much to Bank of America, but at least it will send a message that other attorneys may pick up on.”

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing means the homeowner no longer needs to pay the debt, but the bank retains its right to foreclose on the property. But the couple claimed that BofA disregarded all evidence provided by them and their lawyer that the loan had been discharged, and continued to contact them by phone and mail in order to collect on the debt.

It was a full 10 days after the judge ordered the sanctions that the bank finally responded to any of his requests. Now facing the $10,000/month, plus lawyers’ fees, Bank of America has finally decided that to stop hassling the couple about the discharged debt.

Bankruptcy Judge Sends a Message to Bank of America [Bankruptcy Beat]

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