These Letters Sent To Dead People Are A Little On The Nose

putoffThe mailer from the Neptune Society addressed to Holland’s father has a point. Many Americans do put off planning for their own burial or funeral until it’s too late, leaving their family members scrambling and guessing when the time inevitably comes. That’s not true for Holland’s dad: he received this mailer two years after he died.


(Holland circled the rather appropriate apology disclaimer.)

(Holland circled the rather appropriate apology disclaimer.)

They’re right: at this point, he really has put it off too long.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s late grandmother hadn’t donated to Heifer International in a while, and they sent her this inadvertently accurate letter:


Kelly comments:

My grandmother died just over a year ago. I bought her house and still get lots of mail from the charities she supported. (I’ve been trying to get her name off the mailing lists, but I’ve been fairly unsuccessful.) On the anniversary of her death (September 24th), I found this in the mail. Seems like there could have been a better way to say it.

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