McDonald’s Worker Calls Cops On Customer Making His Own Special Sauce In The Drive-Thru

Drive-thrus are meant to be convenient for customers, but that ease of ordering is only meant for food, not for ahem, other services. A McDonald’s employee called 9-1-1 on a pantsless customer who allegedly tried to get her to help him out with his masturbatory efforts.

Those shuttable drive-thru windows proved very helpful indeed for the worker, reports the Smoking Gun, who told cops that she had a bit of a shock when turning to give the 69-year-old customer his change.

It was then that she realized he wasn’t wearing pants and was apparently in the midst of a self-touching session. He then allegedly “grabbed the cashier’s hand and attempted to pull her hand into his vehicle,” according to an arrest affidavit.

She denied that effort and shut the window on him to call the cops. He was later arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge while pantsless at a nearby gas station, where he’d a least draped a t-shirt over his downstairs bits.

Cops: Pantsless, Masturbating McDonald’s Customer, 69, Tried To Force Drive-Thru Worker To Touch Him [The Smoking Gun]