Lack Of Boarding Pass & TSA Checkpoints Don’t Prevent Kid From Sneaking Onto Las Vegas Flight

While Kevin McCallister in Home Alone 2 will always provide inspiration to kids everywhere, the truth is, youngsters who can pull of similar adventures must be even wilier than he was. Sure, Kevin flew to New York City by himself, but security wasn’t as tight back then. Not like the 9-year-old who managed to evade Transportation Security Administration checkpoints and gate agents to get on a flight to Las Vegas all by himself.

The boy proved he’s got some sneaky moves by eluding detection by any officials at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, as well as Delta staff who didn’t catch him before he hit Vegas last week.

“At this point, this is a Delta and TSA issue,” an airport spokesperson told KARE News. “This is a rare incident.”

Delta says it’s investigating the incident and cooperating with officials, while the TSA pledges it’s taken similar actions.

The boy’s shenanigans were only discovered once the plane touched down in Las Vegas, whereupon he was stopped before he could hit up any casinos and was questioned.

Authorities believe he’s a runaway, and perhaps spent a day at the airport taking someone’s luggage off a carousel and doing a dining dash when he ordered food at a restaurant before security.

Again, I can’t keep my shoes on to go through security but a child noticeable larger than a shoe is able to sneak through, undetected. Boggles the mind.

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9-year-old sneaks onto plane at MSP Int’l Airport [KARE 11 News]

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