Even An Impassioned Plea About Bees In Your Car Won’t Stop You From Getting Ticketed

The law is the law, but there are times when you simply have to disobey the rules and hope those charged with enforcing the law will make an exception. Alas, the parking-industrial complex is so jaded that not even a tale involving a bee attack and a possible hive in your vehicle can get you out of trouble.

A Reddit user posted the above image of a note spotted on the windshield of a car parked in a restricted lot at their university.

It reads:

“I was trying to leave camps when bees started attacking me while driving. There may be a hive in my car! I’m not joking! Please don’t write me up!!!!!!”

Perhaps the parking enforcement officer was skeptical of bees who could simultaneous attack the driver and drive a car. Regardless, the same Reddit user says that, 30 minutes later, the note was still there, along with a parking ticket:

This story reminded us that it’s been a while since we watched Nic Cage freak out about bees in The Wicker Man, so enjoy… the bees!!!!

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