Mail Carrier Decides The Best Way To Get To Customer’s Door Is To Drive Over The Front Yard

Why walk somewhere when you can drive? That was apparently the thinking employed by a United States Postal Service worker who drove over a customer’s front yard instead of walking up to the home’s porch to deliver a small package. And the whole thing was of course, caught on video, or we’d be none the wiser.

Because the thorough folks at Reddit notice everything, commenters are pointing out that not only is this a really great way to damage the grass and probably not allowed under USPS rules for employees, but that USPS drivers aren’t supposed to back up the vehicles — which the woman does on her way back to the street — making the whole thing an incident the higher-ups would definitely not approve of.

Really, it’s just mind-boggling why anyone would do such a thing. Even the worker’s fellow postal workers are shocked, with one commenter writing: “As a carrier who walks 12 miles a day, this is appalling.”

*UPDATE* A spokesperson for the USPS tells Consumerist that she is “obviously very disappointed” in what she saw in the video:

“We are very sorry for the conduct of this letter carrier. This behavior is obviously not acceptable and is being addressed.”

She adds that “the majority of our employees are incredibly hard-working individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty daily through all sorts of weather and obstacles to deliver our nation’s mail and packages. We are all saddened by this video.”

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