Police: RadioShack Worker Punched Customer For Being Sarcastic

We get it — sarcasm flows from your lips like it’s your mother tongue. But not everyone is appreciative of such a tone — crazy, I know. See, that was sarcasm, used in the right setting. The wrong setting was apparently a RadioShack for one customer, who told police a worker walloped him for being sarcastic.

Even though the customer is always right, that doesn’t mean employees are always going to agree. Police in Parsippany, N.J. say they were called to a RadioShack to investigate a disturbance, and were met by a man holding a bloody paper towel to his eye, reports NJ.com.

He claimed he was a customer of the store, and had been punched by a salesperson who then ran to the back of the store.

When cops asked the worker what prompted him to get physical with the customer, he replied “he was being sarcastic.” Maybe he insisted on calling it “The Shack.”

The 20-year-old salesperson was arrested on a charge of assault, say cops, while the customer didn’t seek medical assistance at the time.

Perhaps the employee is still upset over the loss of VHS tape rewinders in store inventories. That could unhinge anyone.

Radio Shack worker punched customer for being sarcastic, Parsippany police say [NJ.com]

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