Google Doodle Marks Yosemite’s Anniversary (While Gov’t Shutdown Forces Park To Close)

It's Yosemite's party, and it'll cry if it wants to.

It’s Yosemite’s party, and it’ll cry if it wants to.

So Yosemite National Park is sitting there, all majestic in the outfit it planned just for the occasion — its 123rd Anniversary, today, Oct. 1 — but something isn’t right. There are no party guests, no cake and not a celebratory banner in sight, because the federal government is shut down today.

All that remains are the best wishes from Google, which marks Yosemite’s anniversary today with a Doodle Tribute. Meanwhile tourists will be kept from visiting that and all the national parks around the country today.

Park police will be on duty to make sure no shenanigans go down, but the visitors center will be closed and all campers have been escorted off the grounds.

It’s not just Yosemite and national parks that are hit by the shutdown — you can’t even watch the Baby Panda Cam at the National Zoo, or any other live animal feeds, for that matter:

We’ve all had our 16 Candles moments, Yosemite. You just need four inches of bod and a great birthday, but it’s not gonna happen today. Hey, at least someone remembered.


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