When You’re $.41 Short At The Gas Station, Don’t Punch The Attendant In The Face

When I’m a few cents short of my purchase at the corner store, I either put my stuff off to the side and go to the ATM or hold off on buying an item or two. But not one wanted man in Los Angeles, who decided to punch a female gas station cashier in the face when he couldn’t pay for his $1.41 cigar.

“He just says, ‘Well, this is all I have….(expletive) whatever.’” the woman tells CBS L.A. about the man, who only had a dollar bill on him. “And I was like, ‘You need to get out of the store.’ I was like, ‘I’m sorry.’ And he tries to snatch [the cigar].”

That’s when he hauled off and punched her in the face — all of it caught on the above video.

“It just happened so fast,” says the cashier. “I didn’t think he would hit me. And he just socks me.”

The man was able to flee the scene, as no customers attempted to restrain him on his way out. You can see them in the above video, just watching as the puncher exits the building.

“I’m sure they were surprised by his actions as he walked out of the store,” explains a police officer to CBS. “A few of them were worried about the clerk.”

She’s worried for her own safety now, figuring that if someone can get that angry over 41 cents, things could go really badly when more money is on the line.

“There are cowards out there that are willing to do stupid stuff,” she says.

[via NY Daily News]

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