Google Is Sorry If Your Mom Accidentally Got A Talk Message Intended For Your New Crush

Perhaps you sent a sassy little message to your work crush this morning on Google Talk, the chat application Gmail users employ on iPhones and Android devices. But then your mom is all, “Honey, what’s this about ‘tackling me, gently of course’ the next time you see me?” Google Talk users were up in arms on the Internet this morning, claiming that their chat messages were going to the wrong recipients. 

As far as I know, my mother did not receive any messages she shouldn’t have, but The Verge points to a plethora of users who complained that their missives were misguided.

The snafu appears to have occurred this morning, with users seeing their messages going to others on their contact lists, and in some cases, to people not even on their contact list at all.

It could be linked to users who haven’t upgraded their apps to the Google Hangouts service, something yours truly has refused to do because I just don’t like it.

Google told The Verge in a statement that “the issue has been resolved and all services are gradually returning to normal.” It says it’s “identified the problem, stopped it from recurring, and are currently working on a fix.”

The company is also “very sorry to anyone affected.” Including any parents now scarred by your potty mouth and/or that guy at work who didn’t even know he was your crush until your message about his intense, all-seeing eyes went to him instead of your best friend. Again, totally hypothetical, of course.

Google Talk users complain of messages being sent to wrong recipients (update) [The Verge]

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