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Google Chat Goes Down, Stays Down, Everyone Panics At Being Cut Off From Rest Of The World

UPDATE 2:28 p.m. ET: Google posted an update about 10 minutes after the 2:15 ET target (though the post still bears a time stamp of 2:15 ET) saying some of you have been saved. [More]

(Bill Binns)

Google Is Sorry If Your Mom Accidentally Got A Talk Message Intended For Your New Crush

Perhaps you sent a sassy little message to your work crush this morning on Google Talk, the chat application Gmail users employ on iPhones and Android devices. But then your mom is all, “Honey, what’s this about ‘tackling me, gently of course’ the next time you see me?” Google Talk users were up in arms on the Internet this morning, claiming that their chat messages were going to the wrong recipients.  [More]