Safari Park Asks Visitors Not To Wear Animal Prints Because They’re Scaring The Animals

People make some pretty terrifying choices in the name of fashion — have you seen how high high heels can actually get? — and for the animals residing a British safari attraction, those scary ensembles include fake animal prints. And in this case, it’s the actual animals people are scaring.

The park is asking visitors not to wear clothing with prints like leopard or tiger stripes as it could be confusing or frightening for the animals, reports The Guardian.

This came about after zookeepers noticed the animals were acting a bit different in a new attraction where visitors are driven off-road through a reserve where animals are roaming around freely. But to the animals, it looks like a bunch of animals cruising around in their midst.

“Animals are getting confused when they see what looks like zebras and giraffes driving across the terrain in a 7.5 tonne truck,” said a spokeswoman.

Some of the braver animals even tried to communicate with visitors, while others bolted, thinking perhaps there were predators in their midst.

On the list of banned clothing now: any prints that look like giraffes, leopards, cheetahs or tigers. The park has hired print bouncers, basically, and has staff handing out alternate clothing to anyone who could be taken for an animal. Limping is also a bad idea, folks.

“Movement is also a key trigger. Big cats will start getting interested if someone limps past their enclosure because they look weak,” explains an animal behavior consultant.

“Possibly the worst thing you could do is limp past the lion or tiger enclosure in a zebra print outfit.”

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