Jack In The Box Serves Up Burger With Grilled Cheese Sandwich For Bun, 3 Years Late

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A burger with grilled cheeses for buns was once a little-known, very-unhealthy regional specialty in the South and Midwest. Friendly’s took it nationwide in 2010, making us hungry and just a little confused. You can’t get the Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt anymore, but Jack in the Box has brought the concept back to mass-market glory.

Unfortunately, while the Northeast has everything else that’s good in life, we have no Jack in the Box locations. We had to depend on the culinary adventurers over at Foodbeast to check it out and report back.

The burger is part of a new boxed product called the Jack’s Munchie Meal, which has two tacos, a serving of half regular and half curly fries, a drink, and one of the spectacularly unhealthy entrées. One of the choices is the sandwichburger, but there are others that are almost as unhealthy. The box is only served between 9pm to 5am. There’s not much question who the intended market is here. Maybe they should deliver it.


Here’s the grilled cheese burger in all of its real-life glory:


The tacos even come with their very own entertainment:


The most original item on the munchie menu really is the loaded nuggets, which are chicken nuggets covered with several kinds of melted cheese. Delicious.


Just remember: no matter how hungry you are, it’s never okay to ram another vehicle while in like at the Jack in the Box drive-thru.

Jack in the Box Now Has a Cheeseburger Topped with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich & More Munchie Monstrosities [Foodbeast]

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