Petition Claims Disneyland Paris Is A Sad Wasteland Full Of Broken Rides & Reheated Food

No matter where a land of Disney, or perhaps a world of Disney exists, the mental image that springs to mind is one of happy cartoon characters, colorful, whirling rides and the sweet laughs of joyous children. But one petition claims Disneyland Paris is more like a ramshackle exercise in enduring a broken-down world sunk into the very the bowels of sadness and microwaved food, and is calling on Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger to fix it.

The petition claims that back when Disneyland Paris opened in 1992 it was the fairest theme park in all the land.

“Its high quality shows, rides and theming proved successful with European audiences, and its guest experience was similar, if not superior, to that of Disneyland and Walt Disney World.”

That all went downhill, claims the petition, after an evil witch flew in bringing despair and broken rides to all the land. Or, things around the park suffered from neglect.

“The upkeep of parks, attractions and hotels has been neglected so often during the past 20 years that many facilities are not ‘Disney standard,’ ” it reads. “Many themed elements are decaying and crumbling, while others are literally falling apart.”

The man behind the petition is a Belgian theme park enthusiast, reports the Daily Mail, who said he was disappointed with his last visit to the park. Beyond the state of disrepair among the park’s rides, he says four of the shows at the park had been cancelled, two attractions were closed and bunch of rides kept failing. And then there was the deplorable food he ordered at an expensive resort restaurant, that seems to have been microwaved cuisine.

‘We received our dishes in less than five minutes which is obviously too short a time for our food to have been cooked after we ordered,” he claimed. And that’s not all — the petition outlines the super early closing times of the restaurants at the park, which make it inconvenient for anyone to get even a reheated meal at dinner time.

“When Disneyland Park closes at 11pm, you would expect to be able to have a nice evening dinner, not to discover the restaurant closed at 7.30pm,” explains the petition. “These short opening hours make it impossible to book a meal for later in the day — you either have to plan ahead or settle for counter service offerings in Disneyland Park or Disney Village.”

I know I always have an appetite after not riding on any rides and wandering around a park of tumbled-down aspirations and failed moneymaking projects. I feel your pain, Disneyland Paris diners.

Mr Bob Iger, CEO The Walt Disney Company: Save Disneyland Paris []
Broken-down rides, reheated food and cancelled shows: Thousands of people across Britain and Europe sign petition against Disneyland Paris amid claims it’s ‘literally falling apart’ [Daily Mail]