KFC Puts Shredded Cheese On Donut, Creates Breakfast Magic

(KFC Indonesia)

(KFC Indonesia)

You know, maybe KFC in Asia just got a huge shipment of cheese. Last week, we shared that KFC in the Philippines is having a “cheezy bacon fest” that consists of slathering cheese and bacon on their major menu items. Over in Indonesia, they’ve put a mix of swiss and cheddar cheese on top of a donut and called it “delicious.”

American KFC outlets don’t have donuts, because they’d probably try to slice it in half and turn it into a sandwich. But similar to the McCafe concept at McDonald’s, in Indonesia they’ve got a “KFC Coffee” concept, serving up delicious flavored coffees and breakfast pastries. With cheese on them.

We were just kidding with the “surplus of cheese” thing, by the way. This cheese donut does bear a resemblance to the cheese-topped brioche that is the Filipino ensaymada, and other fast-food chains in the region have piled cheese on other delicious pastries.

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