KFC Philippines Throws ‘Cheezy Bacon Fest,’ Excuse To Slather Cheese And Bacon On Everything

kfc-philippines-cheesy-bacon-festOther than desserts and soft drinks, there are very few things on a fast-food menu that you can’t improve by slathering them with cheese and bacon. (Maybe even desserts and soft drinks. We’d give it a try.) That’s the impeccable logic behind the Cheezy Bacon Fest promotion now going on at KFC Philippines.

We learned about this amazing event from Brand Eating, which observes that this isn’t a complicated promo by any means: Cheezy Bacon Fest is “basically the option to put bacon and cheese on most of the KFC menu.” It might be basic, but it’s also genius.

Items that you can cheese-and-bacon-ify:

  • Pasta Bowl (chicken on spaghetti)
  • Rice Bowl (chicken, corn, and gravy on rice)
  • Twister (a chicken wrap)
  • Chik’n Fillet (small sandwich)
  • Zinger (larger sandwich)
  • Bucket of Fries (what it sounds like)
  • Mashed Potatoes (not in a bucket)

Is this an international fast-food promo that will eventually reach the United States? Ah, we can dream.

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