Test Your Internet Knowledge With Consumerist’s History Of E-Commerce Quiz

pizzatweetWe’ve mentioned it before and now Pizza Hut is proudly crowing over it again: The chain is laying claim to the honor of the first purchase ever made on the World Wide Web — a mushroom, pepperoni and extra cheese pizza back in 1994 — which brings up a good point: How much do any of us really know about the history of e-commerce? Take Consumerist’s quiz to find out.

Pizza Hut sent this factual nugget out into the Twittersphere yesterday, echoing a common story we’ve heard before, reaffirming the pizza chain’s place in the timeline of e-commerce.

Luckily enough for you, dear readers, Consumerist is here to test your knowledge. Take a spin through our quick quiz below to see how you stack up, or at the very least, glean some great trivia knowledge for that next awkward encounter at a work function.

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