Scammers Vomit On Receipts To Trick Walmart Into Taking Back Bogus Video Games

Using the power of emetophobia, some scammers in Michigan apparently think they have found the secret formula for tricking Walmart into accepting returned video games — or rather, returned video game boxes containing counterfeit or blank discs.

According to, Michigan State Police are investigating claims by Walmart stores in three cities — Bay City, Saginaw, and Hastings — that these fraudsters are not only resealing video game boxes to make them look like new, but that they are possibly putting vomit on receipts (or at least telling Walmart employees that it’s vomit) in order to further their larceny.

“The suspect explains to the service desk clerk that the receipt had been vomited on and is not perfectly clear to review,” said the state police in a statement. “The service clerk does not wish to touch a possible contaminated receipt. Service clerk acquires the prices on the games being returned via store records. Service desk clerk returns the full price to the suspects and the suspect signs a receipt.”

Police say the same guy pulled the scam using the same four games — Masters Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, NCAA Football 14, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Remember Me” — at the Bay City and Saginaw stores on the same day in August. He pulled in $529.66 in bogus returns that day alone. The scammer in the Hastings incident is a female.

Obviously, we never advocate theft of any kind, and certainly don’t want anyone to use any bodily fluids or half-digested foods to aid in the committing of said theft. Scams like this only shatter what little is remains of the “customer is always right” mindset. When you can no longer trust a customer who says he vomited on a video game, who can you trust?

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