Man Accused Of Changing Address So Wrecking Crew Would Demolish Neighbor’s House Instead

Sometimes it’s not the wrecking crew’s fault for destroying the wrong house: Authorities are accusing a Michigan man of intentionally switching his address with that of his next-door neighbor so he could save his house from demolition. Guess that means he won’t be too popular at the next block party.

Action 7 News at (best station call letters ever, by the way) says the man who owned the house destined for wrecking doom is accused of switching up his address numbers. His neighbor says he was going to rent that house out on Oct. 1 and feels the city owes him a new home.

Others in the neighborhood are okay with that house taking the literal fall, however, calling it an eyesore with broken doors and windows and alleging that squatters were living there.

“When I heard they tore down the house on accident I wanted to give them a twelve pack of beer,” one neighbor said. “I was that happy.”

As for the house that was supposed to be torn down — it wasn’t saved from the wreckers for long. Crews returned later to demolish it after all. Authorities are investigating the so-called switcheroo to see if the owner did indeed, intentionally switch house numbers.

*Thanks for the tip, Phillip!

Crews demolish the wrong house in Pontiac; One homeowner accused of changing address numbers []

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