Kmart Frowns Upon Customers Using A Closed Store As A Personal Huffing Haven For The Night

Sometimes you don’t want to go home, and perhaps sometimes you just don’t have enough money to splash out on a hotel or motel room. But that doesn’t mean Kmart will take kindly to customers snuggling up inside a closed store like a ne’er-do-well stowaway intent on huffing numerous canisters of air duster.

An Arkansas man has been accused of setting himself up nice and cozy inside a local Kmart, after he was discovered passed out in the storage room before 8 a.m. one morning.

Store employees called the cops after workers said they spotted the man’s feet sticking out of a cubby hole beneath some stairs, reports KAIT 8 News.

Officials say the man was “covered in vomit and urine,” as he admitted he’d been “huffing.” The 21-year-old apparently told cops he’d come into the store before it closed and stowed himself in the cubby hole. Once everything was locked up tight and everyone was gone, the man found a bunch of air duster and “huffed all night long.”

In case one is wondering what is entailed in huffing all night long, in this case it allegedly involved 16 empty cans of air duster. This, after the suspect said he’d already purchased $100 worth of air duster at Walmart earlier that day.

He told police that “he had spent all of his money on air duster and that he wanted more. That is why he was inside Kmart.”

After he was taken to the hospital for breathing difficulties, the man was charged with commercial burglary; theft of $1,000 or less; breathing, inhaling or drinking certain intoxicating compounds and failure to appear.

This is nothing like my dream of being locked in a huuuge department store all night where I would jump on all the beds and play all the musical instruments and just have a wild and wacky time. That is, until the mannequins come to life and I have to run for it or meet certain death.

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