DirecTV Installer Starts House Fire, Family Now Watching Cable In A Hotel

houseThere are six words that you never want to hear from someone who’s doing work on your home: “Do you have a fire extinguisher?” That’s what an Ohio family heard from the man installing DirecTV in their house this week. Turns out that what they thought was drywall dust was smoke, and the installer had hit the house’s main power line while drilling in the garage. Oops.

The family called 911 and rushed their small children out of the house, what with it being on fire and all. After the technician asked for a fire extinguisher, that was the last they heard from him. “He has called once since it happened, and he was trying to give me information,” the homeowner told local TV station WCPO.  “He never really said sorry, we haven’t heard from the DirecTV company itself.” Their insurance company is currently taking care of matters, and the installer returned and told them that the company’s insurance would take care of the damage.

Switching cable TV providers isn’t something that is supposed to drive you from your home, though. The family says that at this point, they’re probably not going to go with DirecTV indefinitely.

DirecTV worker starts fire during cable installation at Union Township home [WCPO]

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