KFC Japan Decides To Sell Deep-Fried Soup Because Why Not?

It's soup, it's fried, it's fried soup.

It’s soup, it’s fried, it’s fried soup.

It’s almost not even news anymore when a fast food restaurant decides to look around the kitchen and see what else can be tossed into the deep fryer. As long as it’s something edible, someone will want to eat it — and no substance is off-limits. For example: soup. You might think it’s just meant to be slurped, spooned or sipped, but because it is a food, someone was bound to fry it. Hello, KFC Japan.

It appears the nation of Japan is in the midst of an all-out fad fit over a creamy corn potage. It’s the trend du jour there, and as such, was simply begging to be dumped into KFC’s vat of oil and fried to perfection, says RocketNews24.com (via FoodBeast).

So how does this magic happen? It’s apparently not a complicated process, as explained by KFC Japan: “We bread the corn potage and cook it to a crisp.”

(Ohhh that’s how deep-frying works…!)

Potage is usually a bit thicker than your average broth-based soup, which kind of makes it perfect for breading and frying. But of course, it’s only in locations in Japan starting Sept. 5, so you’ll either need to buy a plane ticket or start experimenting in your own kitchen. And if you do, you know we’d love to see it: tips@consumerist.com.

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