Magical Vending Machine Makes Fries For You In 90 Seconds

zomgfriesWant a snack? Vending machines that cook various foods for you are existed for years, but outside of a grocery store in Brussels, there is a machine that cuts and cooks French fries for you in only 90 seconds. The fries cook in beef fat and vegetable oil, since Belgium is the land where French fries were invented and anything not cooked in beef fat is a waste of perfectly good potatoes.

Below, you can see a video of the inner workings of the machine. 125 grams of fries get transferred into an oil bath and cooked, then dumped into a cup. A tiny box is included with either ketchup or mayonnaise, and Tunisian hot sauce (harissa) is an option too. The machine even has air filters that keep the delicious frying smells from filtering outside of the machine…drawing in other shoppers to buy fries, too. Wouldn’t that be the best marketing for the product?

It’s probably not as good as the fries you’d get from a street vendor, but also is available 24 hours a day and cuts out pesky human interaction.

One serving will cost you €3.50, or about $4.67.

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