The Hoff Tweets Support For Store Clerk Injured Trying To Thwart Theft Of Coffee Sign

One of The Hoff's high-flying ads.

One of The Hoff’s high-flying ads.

The valiant efforts of a store clerk who was injured while trying to save two signs featuring David Hasselhoff shilling Cumberland Farms coffee are not going unnoticed: The Hoff himself has tweeted messages of support to the 36-year-old worker, who suffered a head injury after being hit by the suspects’ SUV and dragged.

Hasselhoff tweeted two messages of support from his official account after Tuesday’s robbery, asking his supporters to send good wishes to the hospitalized store clerk:

A spokeswoman for Cumberland Farms said the company has sent several employees to Connecticut to offer help to the clerk and his family, reports the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old man cam forward on Tuesday to confess that he was the driver of the SUV in question, while police say there are two other people involved in the theft.

This was apparently only the most recent Hasselhoff sign heist, as Cumberland Farms stores spread across the states have reported similar thefts, cops say. The Hoff hawking iced coffee as a target for thievery — who knew?

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