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Here’s Where To Get Your National Ice Cream Day Deals This Weekend

If you scream for ice cream, July 16 is your day: It’s National Ice Cream Day, which means there are free frozen treats up for grabs. [More]

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Here’s Where To Score National Coffee Day Freebies & Deals On Sept. 29

If caffeine is the music in your ears, the spring in your step, the very blood in your veins, well, tomorrow is your big day: National Coffee Day is Sept. 29, and with it comes a pile of offers from U.S. java joints for free or discounted coffee. We’ve got the goods on where to score your cheap fix in honor of such an important day. [More]

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10 National Ice Cream Day Deals To Help Beat The Heat

National Ice Cream Day is officially July 17, or so the ice cream gods have proclaimed, but many businesses are either starting the festivities early or extending the sweet treat deals beyond Sunday. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get your brain freeze on. [More]

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Cumberland Farms Uses Payment App To Create Loyal Customers

While Chevron is experimenting with NFC-compatible mobile payments in a few California gas stations, East Coast fuel and convenience store Cumberland Farms is using their own mobile payment app to keep customers loyal, cut back on credit card fees, and even get gas-buying customers into the store. Their secret is not so secret: it’s a loyalty card and payment app similar to the one that Starbucks uses. [More]

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The Hoff Tweets Support For Store Clerk Injured Trying To Thwart Theft Of Coffee Sign

The valiant efforts of a store clerk who was injured while trying to save two signs featuring David Hasselhoff shilling Cumberland Farms coffee are not going unnoticed: The Hoff himself has tweeted messages of support to the 36-year-old worker, who suffered a head injury after being hit by the suspects’ SUV and dragged. [More]

Cumberland Farms Fires Employee For Having Too Much Cash In The Register

Cumberland Farms Fires Employee For Having Too Much Cash In The Register

Usually when we write about a store staffer getting followed in the wake of a robbery it’s because they dared to do something about it, but a man in Massachusetts says he was given the boot from his Cumberland Farms job because his register had too much cash in it when the store was robbed. [More]