TiVo Adds Mandatory Binding Arbitration For Customers: Here’s How To Opt Out

We at Consumerist have crusaded against the evils of mandatory binding arbitration for most of the last decade. Companies love it, though, because it means we can’t sue them. TiVo is only the latest company to insert language requiring customers to use arbitration and give up their right to sue. You can opt out of that provision, though, if you want to.

TiVo makes this pretty easy to do. Right now, the new section of the user agreement is highlighted in a nice beige box. You have to send in your opt-out notice within 30 days of your accepting the user agreement: that is, 30 days after you accept the new agreement if you’re an existing customer, or 30 days after you start service if you’re a new one.

As of today, here are the opt-out instructions. You have to send a letter using the U.S. Postal service, with a stamp and stuff.

Opt-out: You may opt-out of this dispute resolution provision only by notifying TiVo within 30 days of the date that it first applies to you. You must do so by writing to TiVo Inc., 2160 Gold Street, San Jose, CA 95002, attn.: Arbitration Opt-Out, and including your name, address, account number (if you have one), and a clear statement that you do not wish to resolve disputes with TiVo through arbitration.

That’s as of today, August 21, 2013: if you’re reading this in the future, go over to TiVo’s legal page to make sure that the instructions still apply.

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