Police Retweet Of Mechanic’s Request For Drugs Not So Helpful In Terms Of His Employment

The police are here to help you! Really — they’ll even retweet your request for someone to drop off marijuana at your place of employment and add a fun side comment. But the downside of all that amicable assistance is you might be out of a job as a result. And if you’re not making money, how will you pay for the drugs* you tweet about? Classic dilemma, right there.

It was just another ordinary day at work for a Toronto car repair shop worker, when he decided marijuana would turn his workaday frowns upside down. So he turned to social media and blasted out a request for some doobage on Twitter, asking for someone to drop off a joint at his place of employment.

Someone was listening — the local police, who took the humorous road and retweeted him, saying: “Awesome! Can we come too?” It also forwarded the tweet to a man listed on the company’s board of directors.

Cue that feeling where you know you’re in trouble: The man’s bosses didn’t so much appreciate the tweet, which was highly publicized after the police stepped into the conversation. That retweet was shared over 6,000 times as of this writing.

The chain got involved — seeing as the employee had tweeted the intersection and named his employers — and announced that the mechanic had been fired, telling CTV: “There was an employee here by that name; he no longer works for us.”

“Thank you to the York Regional Police for your help and great work. The matter has now been handled,” it added in a tweet.

It appears to be true, as CNN reports the worker tweeted: “Just got the call of termination.” He then appears to have deleted his account — which is probably for the best.

The cops turned the whole thing into a public service announcement, meant to school would-be lawbreakers on the relevancy of social media, tweeting:

I better stop yelling “I AM JAYWAAAALKING!” then… There goes the best part of my day. Sigh.

*In no way does this serve as an endorsement of reefer usage at work, or otherwise. We all had D.A.R.E. classes.

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