Philips-Avent Stands Behind Baby Monitor, Sends New One When Charging Fails

Reader Ben still needed his baby monitor after a year or so, but it would no longer charge. This wasn’t the kind of thing you could fix yourself: he couldn’t even find batteries for the unit. So he contacted the manufacturer, Philips-Avent. They shipped a new battery out to him right away, but that didn’t solve the problem. Oh well: tough luck, right?

I wanted to share a good experience with Philips-Avent. We purchased a baby monitor from them just before our daughter was born. It worked great until the ‘parent’ unit stopped charging after about a year. I assumed it was the battery so tried to find a replacement at Radio Shack or Amazon, but they didn’t have one that matched. I also couldn’t find one one Philips-Avent’s website.

I called the tech support line and told them what was happening and the woman said ‘If you give me your address, we’ll send you a new battery’. A couple of days later, it showed up. Turns out the problem wasn’t the battery, it was the unit itself. The new battery wasn’t getting charged either.

So I called again, told them what happened and they just said ‘OK, we’ll send you a new unit’. A few days later a new unit (both parent and child) showed up. This was not a refurbished unit, it was new. They just asked that I send the old one back.

Hurray! Keep eavesdropping on that baby!