4 Men Arrested In Connection With (Very Serious, Not Laughable At All) Plot To Steal $10 Sandwich

We live in a world where four people can get arrested on suspicion of burgling a sandwich. And not even a $49.99 behemoth worth its weight in french fries and melted cheese — a $10 snack pilfered from a parked car. Very. Serious. Stuff.

The Daily Pilot reports on the big bust, which happened Sunday in Newport Beach, Calif. and sounds like quite the heist.

Four men were hauled off to the hoosegow on suspicion of vehicle burglary and conspiracy, says a police spokeswoman, after a phone call came in that a man was seen taking a bag out of a parked car that had a lowered window.

It wasn’t filled with diamonds, have I mentioned that yet? Anyway, the suspect jumped into a getaway car immediately upon snatching his booty. The caller described the car and license plate number to the police, leading to the recovery of the sandwich and the arrest of the four men in the car.

Let’s hope justice is served and that it is DELICIOUS.

4 held in connection with sandwich theft [The Daily Pilot]

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