Perhaps You Need Some Underpants Made Of Real Gold

Have you always dreamed of lounging in bed in soft, silky clothes made of precious metal? No, you probably haven’t. Most people wouldn’t. Very rich women, however, have apparently been missing sparkly lingerie in their lives, and now there’s a company prepared to give it to them.

Pieces from Rococo Dessous range in price from $1,550 to $6,000. They’re made with gold thread from Switzerland, which is fine enough that garments woven from it are “surprising[ly] soft and durable,” the line’s designer told CNBC. Instead of plating gold on fabric that’s already woven, weaving thread into the cloth makes the wearer feel like she’s in actual lingerie instead of sexy, sexy armor.

The company doesn’t have a storefront, a rack in your nearest luxury department store, or even an e-commerce site yet: they’ve been selling in pop-up shops and trunk shows. They brought the golden underpants to Lingerie Fashion Week in New York City and say that they’ve been talking to stores like Harrod’s, Macy’s, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Right now, their marketing depends on local culture. So far they’ve focused on the Russian Federation and the Middle East. In Russia, men tend to buy lingerie for the women they want to see wearing it; in the more modest Middle East, women buy it for themselves.

If you don’t have $1,550 for underpants, don’t fret: the company is also considering a lower-end line. They would either be smaller items or full-sized items that use much less of the gold thread.

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